Take Control of Your Cloud Costs

ZuKeep empowers businesses to take control of their cloud by providing simple and easy-to-use tools to effectively monitor, manage, and optimize the cloud and its associated costs.

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Our Solution is Made FOR

Finops Practitioners
Gain crystal-clear cloud transparency to make smart-decision-making that much easier
Identify and manage cloud spend, paving way for better planning and budgeting decisions
Alleviate stress around justifying or understanding cloud spend with ZuKeep’s reliable solution
Company Leadership
Draw a clear-cut link between business objectives and cloud investment with ZuKeep

The Challenge of Cloud Based Businesses

The cloud native landscape is becoming increasingly complex. Navigating the world of Cloud Operations can be confusing and overwhelming. Today’s cloud providers don’t have your best interest, forgoing the offering of intuitive tools that easily monitor cloud usage and optimize spend.

Our Approach

ZuKeep offers Cloud Cost Management and Optimization (CCMO) SaaS solutions to take control of your Cloud and FinOps needs.

Our product monitors, reports, optimizes and forecasts costs for any size of cloud based operation. To compliment these benefits, we also provide smart recommendations and KPI tracking to show progress over time in the quest to optimize cloud usage. Our goal is to offer fast, easy and transparent solutions to identify cloud usage, optimize cloud cost, increase business value, and reduce waste and cloud carbon emission.

Our Solutions

Our SaaS CCMO solutions offers the following features:

Cloud Cost Management

Provides monitoring and visibility into Cloud usage, including periodical expense reports, forecasts, and near-real-time alerts on any sudden increase in expenses, anomalous expenses, as well as going over budget limits.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Provides smart rightsizing, cloud and modernization recommendations that automatically detect waste and unused resources and have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Performance Monitoring

Sets up and tracks various KPIs like the ratio of reserved/spot instances to on-demand instances and the ratio of unallocated to allocated expenses, showing progress over time as teams optimize cloud usage.


Reports delivered in a team or product resolution to encourage the owners of those expenses to take responsibility for optimizing their usage, reducing waste, and increasing efficiency.

Cloud Cost Forecasting

Granular forecasting reports correlated to company’s KPIs, based on the combination of rolling, trend-based and driver-based models. Forecast costs are tracked against actual usage and used inclusive of cloud rate optimization and commitment-based discounts, making it easier for companies to budget effectively.

Alerts & Integrations

Get important alerts and notifications directly to your favorite teams communication management system such as Slack, Telegram, email and more...

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